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Hop-on, Inc. is an international leader in the development and manufacture of electronics, distributed software and telecommunications hardware and services. Since its inception in 1993, the company has a history of innovation and progressive market development, and has maintained position as one of the few remaining US-based manufacturers of wireless technology. Hop-on is well-known for developing the world's first disposable cell phone.

Hop-on is expanding its core business with worldwide wireless carriers. Industry consolidations, as well as IPR and security issues experienced by some of the Chinese companies and others, have changed the landscape within the mobile industry, leaving fewer hardware and software options. Hop-on is expanding to serve and deliver services and products to fill the void in this market sector.

Hop-on Networks Hop-on Networks

Hop-on will be selling 4G LTE, WIFI, infrastructure equipment, network management, operation and maintenance equipment; base stations and base station controllers; VOIP and videoconferencing solutions; circuit switched and packet switched core network elements such as mobile switching, gateway servers and support nodes; high-speed data network design and execution; transmission equipment; home, visitor and equipment identity registers, network management and operation and maintenance equipment; devices and appliances providing interfaces and subscriber terminals and/or fixed telephone networks, multimedia services or the internet and test equipment for different technologies.

Hop-on will be adding 5G & next generation networks to microcells, MBMS to security innovations that will capitalize on global trends and is creating a more effective pricing business model for 5G / 4G / LTE, Antennas, Connectivity, IoT, M2M, and Small Cells.

Network and InfrastructureNetwork and Infrastructure

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Global consolidation has created a niche market with fewer hardware and software providers with the proper IPRs. Hop-on has established business relationships with existing hardware and network OEM and ODM (that had previously been effectively barred from executing contracts with US and European carriers because of national security or IPR violation concerns) to efficiently deliver these needed services and products.

"Hop-on has established business relationships to efficiently deliver needed services and products."

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