Advancing innovation and ahead of the game technology since 1993. Hop-on is utilizing our license agreements with essential patent holders to create revenues where international conglomerates have failed. Their failures  to properly obtain licenses to the intellectual property rights of high tech and complicated technologies, to negotiate in good faith or pay royalties to patent holders has resulted in multi billions of dollars invested  in products with no ability to sell those technologies in litigious countries that protect a person or corporation patented idea and technology. Our mission is to fill this void and build quality products efficiently, utilizing our contract manufacturing abilities to establish multiple brands, focusing on details and racing to market with essential patent coverage. 

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The company has a history of innovation and progressive market development, creating opportunities and shareholder value and impacting the world. Our CEO was a pioneer of Internet gaming, creating one of the world’s largest Internet gaming sites. These accomplishments were documented by both ABC News 20/20   and ABC News Nightline.  He also invented the disposable cell phone in 2001, named one of the "Inventions of the Year" by Time magazine.  Hop-on has successfully homologated and distributed Hop-on 1806 in South America on Telcel, Subsidiary of America Movil, the World's 5th Largest Carrier and became the number 1 prepaid handset in South America".

Microsoft and Hop-on signed a patent agreement for Android and Chrome devices. Hop-on has also secured an agreement with Nokia and Nokia Networks. The terms of the license agreements are confidential. Microsoft and Nokia are recognized as the major essential patent holders of the Android platform. Read More

Hop-on and Vringo signed a FRAND License Agreement. The terms of this agreement are confidential.  

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Using the best ideas to make the products that everyone needs and wants worldwide, Hop-on is committed to working with inventors and patent holders so we can bring the latest technology to market at the most highly competitive prices.

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